Monitor interface, used for locking.


Implemented in

Required Methods

constructor    (declared in Object) UIKit for Mac

Default constructor.










Sub New()

Equals (Object): Boolean  virtual    (declared in Object) Android, iOS, iOS Simulator, Mac Catalyst, macOS, tvOS, tvOS Simulator, Ubuntu, watchOS, watchOS Simulator, WebAssembly, Windows


method Equals(aOther: Object): Boolean


Boolean Equals(Object aOther)


func Equals(_ aOther: Object) -> Boolean


Boolean Equals(Object aOther)


Function Equals(aOther As Object) As Boolean


  • aOther:

Equals (Object): Boolean  virtual    (declared in Object) UIKit for Mac

Returns true if the target object matches this one, by default compares the reference.


method Equals(obj: Object): Boolean


Boolean Equals(Object obj)


func Equals(_ obj: Object) -> Boolean


Boolean Equals(Object obj)


Function Equals(obj As Object) As Boolean


  • obj: the reference to compare this with.

Finalize  protected virtual    (declared in Object) UIKit for Mac

Finalizer implementation. If not overriden it's not called at all, the runtime checks if there is an override before calling a finalizer.


method Finalize




func Finalize()




Sub Finalize()

GetHashCode  virtual    (declared in Object)

Returns a hashcode for this object. Overriden implementations should make sure that the number returned here is constant given the same object.


method GetHashCode: Int32


Int32 GetHashCode()


func GetHashCode() -> Int32


Int32 GetHashCode()


Function GetHashCode() As Int32

GetType    (declared in Object)

Returns the actual type of this class


method GetType: Type


Type GetType()


func GetType() -> Type


Type GetType()


Function GetType() As Type

Release UIKit for Mac

Release a monitor.


method Release




func Release()




Sub Release()

ToString  virtual    (declared in Object)

Gets the string representation of this method.


method ToString: String


String ToString()


func ToString() -> String


String ToString()


Function ToString() As String

Wait UIKit for Mac

Wait anf lock it.


method Wait




func Wait()




Sub Wait()

ReferenceEquals    (declared in Object)

Compares two references for equivalence (even if they have an equals operator)


class method ReferenceEquals(a: Object; b: Object): Boolean


static Boolean ReferenceEquals(Object a, Object b)


static func ReferenceEquals(_ a: Object, _ b: Object) -> Boolean


static Boolean ReferenceEquals(Object a, Object b)


Shared Function ReferenceEquals(a As Object, b As Object) As Boolean


  • a: left value
  • b: right value