RemObjects Mercury (Visual Basic.NET)

RemObjects Mercury brings the VB.NET language to the Elements platforms.

With Mercury, you can build your existing VB.NET projects, and leverage your Visual Basicâ„¢ language experience to write code for all Platforms supported by Elements.

Mercury is currently in late beta stage, and it is available (and already relatively usable) as part of Elements Preview channel builds. Official release is planned for the end of Q1, 2021.

Our goal for is for Mercury to be the future of the Visual Basic.NET language, as M Microsoft shifts focus to a C#-only future for their tools. With Mercury, VB developers will be able to continue using the language they know and love, both for existing and new projects.

Unlike Visual Basic.NET, Mercury will continue to evolve, both to keep up with new versions of and technologies on .NET and language/platfrom capabilities of C#, but also as a language onto itself, with new and innovative features being added all the time, both based on user requests and feedback, and our internal product roadmap.

What's more, Mercury takes the VB language beyond just .NET, letting developers create native projects for all modern operating systems and platforms, from Android and iOS to Java and CPU-native Windows, Mac and Linux apps.

With Mercury, the future of ther Visual Basic language is bright and strong.

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