Beta Access

As you probably know, one of the benefits of an active Elements Subscription is access to weekly pre-release builds that we make available on an almost weekly basis, usually on Fridays.

These are builds that give you a sneak peak at what is coming in future versions of the product, they will often have exciting new features, but they do not go through our full QA cycle, so they are likely to have bugs or regressions, and might (occasionally) even be completely unusable.

With Elements 10 we changed the system of how weekly builds work. Instead of doing dedicated "beta" builds with the goal of narrowing down to a big feature release every few months, we now ship a new build with the latest state of Elements, every week. Each of these builds start out in the "Preview" or "Experimental" channel, meaning that they are considered not ready for production (but probably very usable).

Once in a while, usually once a month or so, we promote a build that has been out for a week or two to the "Stable" channel, after it has been field-tested and been determined to be "a solid one".

"Stable" channel releases will automatically become available for trial users, and for users of the free Swift Community Edition compiler.

Who Can Access Preview Builds?

Builds on the other channels are available to any customer with an active subscription. If your subscription expires, so does both your access to the beta downloads and forums, and your ability to run existing Elements 10 builds (even if they were created/obtained while your subscription was still active).

Where Do I Get Beta Builds?

You can download beta builds from our secure customer portal website. A convenient shortcut is the following URL:

We have private discussion forums on our Connect website to discuss beta builds. Please do not discuss beta content in public without prior permission from us.