RemObjects C#

As you would expect from the name, the RemObjects C# language is basically pretty much exactly the C# language you may already know and love from your work with Microsoft's Visual C# on .NET or with Xamarin and Mono.

Different from our own Oxygene language, where we add new and exciting language features frequently, our aim with the RemObjects C# compiler front-end is to stay as close and true to the C# language as possible, and to adhere to the official C# standard as described in the EMCA specification and as implemented in the de-facto standard C# compilers.

The RemObjects C# compiler will evolve as the official C# language evolves, but our goal is not to drive the C# language forward (and diverge from the standard) ourselves, but rather to provide a compiler and language for .NET, Cocoa and Java that will feel like "true C#" to everyone familiar with the language.

That said, RemObjects C# does adds a few features to the standard C# language to make it fit better on all the platforms it supports. These are covered under Language Extensions.

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