Elements lets you create applications for the Apple platform – macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS – using the Cocoa frameworks and the Objective-C runtime as well as native Island APIs.

Elements for Cocoa is designed to be able to work with any version of Apple's SDKs. The product ships with support for the SDKs that are officially released at the time an Elements release RTMs, but pending any drastic and unexpected changes to the tool chain for Apple's SDKs, you can import newer or beta SDKs using the FXGen tool that is included in the product, even if we have not gotten around to supporting them officially yet.

We usually do try to support new SDK versions, including Betas, within days, and when we do, you can download updated SDK imports here.

You can also download older SDK versions that shipped with the product, from the URL above, in case you need to work directly with older Xcode versions. However, we generally do recommend using the latest shipping version of the SDKs, and leverage Deployment Targets in order to keep your apps running on older OS versions.

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These external links point to great resources on Cocoa development (not specific to, but applicable to Elements) across the web:

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