Compiler Back-Ends

  • Echoes – the Echoes back-end compiles projects for .NET platforms (including Mono, .NET Core, ASP.NET, WinRT and UWP). Code will compile to IL code, same as Microsoft's Visual C# or Visual Basic compilers, and your code will run everywhere there's a Common Language Runtime.

  • Island – the Island back-end supports building CPU-native projects for Window, Linux, Darwin (Apple macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS) and the native Android NDK, as well as WebAssembly projects that run in the browser.

  • Cooper – the Cooper back-end compiles projects for the Java Runtime, and related platforms, including Android. Your code will be compiled to Java byte code that can run in the JVM, and possibly post-processed from there for Android and other sub-platforms.

  • Toffee – the legacy Toffee back-end compiles for the Cocoa platform and the Objective-C runtime employed by Apple's operating systems. In time, it will be fully replaced by the Island/Darwin back-end.

  • Gotham – "Gotham" is the code name for a new target (meta-)platform for cross-platform library development that we are working on for the Elements compiler; it is currently in internal development and not quite ready for external testing, but it will be in alpha/beta in 2019/2020.