RemObjects Gold (Go Language)

RemObjects Gold brings the Go language to the Elements platforms.

Gold is (or will be) a 100% compatible implementation of the Go language supported for all four Elements targets, .NET, Java, Cocoa and Island.

For .NET and Island (except WebAssembly), a complete port of the Go runtime and Go Base Library will be provided as well, so that any standard Go code should compile and be usable.

The goal for Gold is not to provide a full app development solution for all the platforms, as the Go language has many (purposeful) limitations that we would have to accommodate for with Language Extensions, which we do not want to do at this stage. For example, Go does not even have support for classes, which are crucial for most GUI frameworks.

The intended use for Gold is mainly to allow to bring in existing libraries to use in applications (in particular on Island, where the OS-native APIs are often limited and low-level), and/or to allow simple Go-language code to be compiled as part of a larger project in one of the other languages.

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