This section provides tutorials to guide you through various tasks working with Elements.

"Your First App"

These two sections provide tutorials to get you started building your first app with Elements, grouped by your IDE of choice: Fire or Visual Studio.

Each tutorial starts from the very beginning, introducing you to both the Elements language you'll be using, and the platform. The tutorials cover all four Elements languages, allowing you to choose which language to view your source code in by selecting your language of choice in the top right corner of each code snippet.

So you can pick the platform you are most interested in, and make this your first read on this site. If you later come back to read about a second platform, there might be some redundancies and you can opt to read the first section diagonally.

Cross-Platform App Development

This next section introduces you to Elements RTL, our library that lets you write code that can be platform independent and be shared across platforms.


This section provides tutorials for working with various tools and helper apps that come with Elements