API Reference

The topics in this section provide a detailed reference of all APIs avaiable to Elements that are not part of the standard platform SDKs or frameworks for the respective target platforms.

We do not cover the .NET Base Library, the Java and Android runtime libraries, the macOS, iOS and tvOS SDKs or any of the low-level platform SDKs for Island's target platforms. Please refer to the OS vendors for documentation on those APIS. This section focuses on the classes and APIs Elemnts itself adds.

Base types and System Functions

The typed and APIs described here are provided by the core comiler, and available in every Elements project by default. They reside in the "virtual" RemObjects.Elements.System namespace.

Optional Base Libraries

These libraries can be used optionally, only iof you wish to use their functionality in our projects. Swift Base Library is automatically added to new Sift-language projects (but the reference can be removed, if you prefer to not add the dependency).

Per-platform Support Libraries

These libraries are provided per platform, and provide internal helper types and APIs that enable advanced compiler features, such as dynamic types on .NET, or LINQ and generic NSArrays on Cocoa. All but the Echoes Base Library They will be referenced by default in new projects; except on Island, their use is optional and the reference can be removed, at the cost of losing some advanced compiler features.

Other Libraries