Toffee Base Library (libToffee.fx)

The Toffee Base Library (contained in libToffee.fx and libToffee.a) is a small library that can be optionally used in Elements projects for the Cocoa platforms. It provides some of the core types, classes and functions that are needed for more advanced language features of Oxygene, C# and Swift, such as generic arrays and dictionaries, LINQ support, and more.

Source Code

The Toffee Base Library is open source and implemented fully in Oxygene. You can find the source code on GitHub, and contributions and pull requests are more than welcome.

Note that you will usually need the very latest compiler to rebuild libToffee yourself, and in some cases, the git repository might even contain code that requires a later compiler than is available. Refer to the commit messages for details on this, and check out an older revision, if necessary.


The Toffee Base Library is divided into these namespaces:

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Version Notes

libToffee.fx was called libNougat.fx in Elements 8.3 and below. Projects will automatically be migrated to use the libToffee.dll reference when opened in Fire or Visual Studio.