RemObjects Swift (Silver)

RemObjects Swift (code-named "Silver") implements Apple's Swift language, which you might already be familiar with from working with it in Xcode for your iOS or Mac projects. RemObjects Swift takes it a step further by also targeting the .NET, Android, Java, Windows, Linux and WebAssembly platforms (in addition to iOS, Mac, tvOS, visionOS and watchOS, of course).

Different from our own Oxygene language, where we add new and exciting language features frequently, our aim with the Elements compiler front-end is to stay as close and true to the Swift language as possible, and to follow where Apple takes the Swift language with their own compiler.

The Elements compiler will evolve as the official Swift language evolves, but our goal is not to drive the Swift language forward (and diverge from Apple's standard) ourselves, but rather to provide a compiler and language – for .NET, Cocoa and Java – that will feel like "true Swift" to everyone familiar with the language.

That said, RemObjects Swift does adds a few features to the standard Swift language to make it fit better on all the platforms it supports. These are covered under Language Extensions. It also has a few notable differences and limitations, as covered under Differences and Limitations.

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