Elements for Java, also referred to as "Cooper", is the flavor of Oxygene, RemObjects C#, Silver and Iodine that allows you to build applications and projects for the Java Runtime Environment and all its variations, including the Java-based Android SDK.

While not as language-independent as the .NET CLR, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is distinctly separate from the Java programming language and – just as on .NET – a variety of languages that are not the Java language are available to compile for the JRE. The five Elements languages are among those.

The Elements compiler takes full advantage of the JRE, and creates applications and libraries that are 100% pure Java – allowing your code full access to all the Java (and Android) framework classes, and any third party and open source Java libraries that are available, all fully native within the platform.


While Android certainly is the most exiting and most-in-demand Java-based platform today, the Elements languages allow you to create applications for any place that Java code can run, from Swing GUI apps to JavaServer Pages, Applets, to projects that run on embedded devices or on other Java-based phone platforms.

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