Standard Aspects

Elements comes with a set of predefined aspects that are used to expose language features without introducing new keywords to the language. All these aspects can be used directly by using them as an attribute.

Some of these aspects have an equivalent language-level syntax in some of the languages and are only provided to bring the same feature to the others (but can be used on all languages for consistency, if so desired). Others are available via the aspect only.

Regardless of intended use, all these aspects can be used in all languages.

Aspects that Expose Features of a specific Language to All Languages

Aspects Provided for Compatibility with Apple Swift

Aspects that Bring .NET Functionality Cross-Platform

Aspects Specific to .NET

Aspects Specific to Cocoa

Aspects Specific to Island

Aspects for Elements RTL and Cross-Platform Code

Other Useful Aspects

Deprecated or Undocumented Aspects