The DefaultObjectLifetimeStrategy is used internally by Island RTL to specify the default Life-Time Strategies for Island-type objects, on the Island-backed platforms.

Currently, all Island platforms use Boehm Garbage collector as default:

[assembly:DefaultObjectLifetimeStrategy(typeOf(BoehmGC), typeOf(ForeignBoehmGC))]

The first parameter is the default strategy used for native (Island) objects. The second parameter is the strategy used when objects are not stored the same object model.

Note: DefaultObjectLifetimeStrategy is for internal use, and should not be applied in user code, unless that code is meant to entirely replace Island RTL.

You can use the LifetimeStrategyOverride Aspect to override the default Life-Time Strategy for specific types, or the Oxygene lifetimestrategy keyword to override it for individual variables.

Island Only

The DefaultObjectLifetimeStrategy aspect is available on the Island-backed platform only.

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