The DynamicProperty can be applied to a property to turn it into a @dynamic property for the Cocoa runtime. Dynamic properties are a special feature of the Objective-C runtime and the Cocoa platform.

Dynamic properties have no getter or setter generated in the executable, instead relying on Cocoa runtime features to handle access. To calling code they look like and can be called as regular properties, and they can also be used in Cocoa Bindings.

The class defining the dynamic property needs to take care of providing the necessary infrastructure so that the property can be read and/or written, for example by overriding resppondsToSelector: and forwardInvocation:, valueForKey: and setValue:forKey or by dynamically emitting getter and setter at runtime.

Cocoa Only

The DynamicProperty aspect is available on the Cocoa platform only.

Defined in RemObjects.Elements.Cirrus.dll