C# Evolution

Without promising exact timelines for individual features, our goal is to try and support all new C# language changes introduced by Microsoft for the closest upcoming release after they have been finalized, often before and sometimes shortly after they have shipped in Visual C#. Of course details depend on the timelines for both Microsoft's releases and ours.

Elements .2295 and later is fully up to date with C# 7.1.

The lists below are kept in sync with this overview on the Roslyn GitHub page. We are currently looking at adding support for the new C# 7.x and 8.0 language features planned and proposed by Microsoft.

Planned for C# 8.0 (Microsoft-side status in parenthesis)

Added for C# 7.3

C# 7.2

C# 7.1

C# 7.0

Known planned changes for C# 7.0 as tracked on GitHub are:

Tentative C# 7.0 later changes:

Version Notes

  • Some of these features will be new in Version 9.0 or later.