Makes an object comparable on itself.


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Required Methods

constructor    (declared in Object)

Default constructor.










Sub New()


Compares this object with another object of the same type.


method Equals(a: Object): Boolean


Boolean Equals(Object a)


func Equals(_ a: Object) -> Boolean


Boolean Equals(Object a)


Function Equals(a As Object) As Boolean


  • a:

Finalize  protected virtual    (declared in Object)

Finalizer implementation. If not overriden it's not called at all, the runtime checks if there is an override before calling a finalizer.


method Finalize


void Finalize()


func Finalize()


void Finalize()


Sub Finalize()


Returns the hash value of this object.


method GetHashCode: Int32


Int32 GetHashCode()


func GetHashCode() -> Int32


Int32 GetHashCode()


Function GetHashCode() As Int32

GetType    (declared in Object)

Returns the actual type of this class


method GetType: Type


Type GetType()


func GetType() -> Type


Type GetType()


Function GetType() As Type

ToString  virtual    (declared in Object)

Gets the string representation of this method.


method ToString: String


String ToString()


func ToString() -> String


String ToString()


Function ToString() As String

ReferenceEquals    (declared in Object)

Compares two references for equivalence (even if they have an equals operator)


class method ReferenceEquals(a: Object; b: Object): Boolean


static Boolean ReferenceEquals(Object a, Object b)


static func ReferenceEquals(_ a: Object, _ b: Object) -> Boolean


static Boolean ReferenceEquals(Object a, Object b)


Shared Function ReferenceEquals(a As Object, b As Object) As Boolean


  • a: left value
  • b: right value