The SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement interface defines a base interface used by the component transfer function interfaces.



dataset    (declared in SVGElement)


property dataset: String read;


String dataset { get; }


var dataset: String { get{} }


String dataset { __get; }


ReadOnly Property dataset() As String

ownerSVGElement    (declared in SVGElement)


property ownerSVGElement: Element read;


Element ownerSVGElement { get; }


var ownerSVGElement: Element { get{} }


Element ownerSVGElement { __get; }


ReadOnly Property ownerSVGElement() As Element



property type: dynamic read;


dynamic type { get; }


var type: dynamic { get{} }


dynamic type { __get; }


ReadOnly Property type() As dynamic

viewportElement    (declared in SVGElement)


property viewportElement: Element read;


Element viewportElement { get; }


var viewportElement: Element { get{} }


Element viewportElement { __get; }


ReadOnly Property viewportElement() As Element