The MediaTrackConstraints dictionary is used to describe a set of capabilities and the value or values each can take on. A constraints dictionary is passed into applyConstraints() to allow a script to establish a set of exact (required) values or ranges and/or preferred values or ranges of values for the track, and the most recently-requested set of custom constraints can be retrieved by calling getConstraints().





property aspectRatio: Double read write;


Double aspectRatio { get; set; }


var aspectRatio: Double { get{} set{} }


Double aspectRatio { __get; __set; }


Property aspectRatio() As Double



property autoGainControl: dynamic read write;


dynamic autoGainControl { get; set; }


var autoGainControl: dynamic { get{} set{} }


dynamic autoGainControl { __get; __set; }


Property autoGainControl() As dynamic



property brightness: Double read write;


Double brightness { get; set; }


var brightness: Double { get{} set{} }


Double brightness { __get; __set; }


Property brightness() As Double



property channelCount: Double read write;


Double channelCount { get; set; }


var channelCount: Double { get{} set{} }


Double channelCount { __get; __set; }


Property channelCount() As Double



property colorTemperature: Double read write;


Double colorTemperature { get; set; }


var colorTemperature: Double { get{} set{} }


Double colorTemperature { __get; __set; }


Property colorTemperature() As Double



property contrast: Double read write;


Double contrast { get; set; }


var contrast: Double { get{} set{} }


Double contrast { __get; __set; }


Property contrast() As Double



property cursor: String read write;


String cursor { get; set; }


var cursor: String { get{} set{} }


String cursor { __get; __set; }


Property cursor() As String



property deviceId: Int32 read write;


Int32 deviceId { get; set; }


var deviceId: Int32 { get{} set{} }


Int32 deviceId { __get; __set; }


Property deviceId() As Int32



property displaySurface: String read write;


String displaySurface { get; set; }


var displaySurface: String { get{} set{} }


String displaySurface { __get; __set; }


Property displaySurface() As String



property echoCancellation: dynamic read write;


dynamic echoCancellation { get; set; }


var echoCancellation: dynamic { get{} set{} }


dynamic echoCancellation { __get; __set; }


Property echoCancellation() As dynamic



property exposureCompensation: Double read write;


Double exposureCompensation { get; set; }


var exposureCompensation: Double { get{} set{} }


Double exposureCompensation { __get; __set; }


Property exposureCompensation() As Double



property exposureMode: String read write;


String exposureMode { get; set; }


var exposureMode: String { get{} set{} }


String exposureMode { __get; __set; }


Property exposureMode() As String



property facingMode: String read write;


String facingMode { get; set; }


var facingMode: String { get{} set{} }


String facingMode { __get; __set; }


Property facingMode() As String



property focusDistance: Double read write;


Double focusDistance { get; set; }


var focusDistance: Double { get{} set{} }


Double focusDistance { __get; __set; }


Property focusDistance() As Double



property focusMode: String read write;


String focusMode { get; set; }


var focusMode: String { get{} set{} }


String focusMode { __get; __set; }


Property focusMode() As String



property frameRate: Double read write;


Double frameRate { get; set; }


var frameRate: Double { get{} set{} }


Double frameRate { __get; __set; }


Property frameRate() As Double



property groupId: Int32 read write;


Int32 groupId { get; set; }


var groupId: Int32 { get{} set{} }


Int32 groupId { __get; __set; }


Property groupId() As Int32



property height: Int32 read write;


Int32 height { get; set; }


var height: Int32 { get{} set{} }


Int32 height { __get; __set; }


Property height() As Int32



property iso: Boolean read write;


Boolean iso { get; set; }


var iso: Boolean { get{} set{} }


Boolean iso { __get; __set; }


Property iso() As Boolean



property latency: Double read write;


Double latency { get; set; }


var latency: Double { get{} set{} }


Double latency { __get; __set; }


Property latency() As Double



property logicalSurface: ConstrainBoolean read write;


ConstrainBoolean logicalSurface { get; set; }


var logicalSurface: ConstrainBoolean { get{} set{} }


ConstrainBoolean logicalSurface { __get; __set; }


Property logicalSurface() As ConstrainBoolean



property noiseSuppression: Boolean read write;


Boolean noiseSuppression { get; set; }


var noiseSuppression: Boolean { get{} set{} }


Boolean noiseSuppression { __get; __set; }


Property noiseSuppression() As Boolean



property pointsOfInterest: Double read write;


Double pointsOfInterest { get; set; }


var pointsOfInterest: Double { get{} set{} }


Double pointsOfInterest { __get; __set; }


Property pointsOfInterest() As Double



property sampleRate: Double read write;


Double sampleRate { get; set; }


var sampleRate: Double { get{} set{} }


Double sampleRate { __get; __set; }


Property sampleRate() As Double



property sampleSize: Double read write;


Double sampleSize { get; set; }


var sampleSize: Double { get{} set{} }


Double sampleSize { __get; __set; }


Property sampleSize() As Double



property saturation: Double read write;


Double saturation { get; set; }


var saturation: Double { get{} set{} }


Double saturation { __get; __set; }


Property saturation() As Double



property sharpness: Double read write;


Double sharpness { get; set; }


var sharpness: Double { get{} set{} }


Double sharpness { __get; __set; }


Property sharpness() As Double



property torch: Boolean read write;


Boolean torch { get; set; }


var torch: Boolean { get{} set{} }


Boolean torch { __get; __set; }


Property torch() As Boolean



property volume: Double read write;


Double volume { get; set; }


var volume: Double { get{} set{} }


Double volume { __get; __set; }


Property volume() As Double



property whiteBalanceMode: String read write;


String whiteBalanceMode { get; set; }


var whiteBalanceMode: String { get{} set{} }


String whiteBalanceMode { __get; __set; }


Property whiteBalanceMode() As String



property width: Int32 read write;


Int32 width { get; set; }


var width: Int32 { get{} set{} }


Int32 width { __get; __set; }


Property width() As Int32



property zoom: Double read write;


Double zoom { get; set; }


var zoom: Double { get{} set{} }


Double zoom { __get; __set; }


Property zoom() As Double