The CSSStyleSheet interface represents a single CSS stylesheet, and lets you inspect and modify the list of rules contained in the stylesheet.



disabled    (declared in StyleSheet)


property disabled: Boolean read write;


Boolean disabled { get; set; }


var disabled: Boolean { get{} set{} }


Boolean disabled { __get; __set; }


Property disabled() As Boolean

href    (declared in StyleSheet)


property href: String read;


String href { get; }


var href: String { get{} }


String href { __get; }


ReadOnly Property href() As String

media    (declared in StyleSheet)


property media: dynamic read;


dynamic media { get; }


var media: dynamic { get{} }


dynamic media { __get; }


ReadOnly Property media() As dynamic

ownerNode    (declared in StyleSheet)


property ownerNode: Node read;


Node ownerNode { get; }


var ownerNode: Node { get{} }


Node ownerNode { __get; }


ReadOnly Property ownerNode() As Node

title    (declared in StyleSheet)


property title: String read;


String title { get; }


var title: String { get{} }


String title { __get; }


ReadOnly Property title() As String

type    (declared in StyleSheet)


property type: dynamic read;


dynamic type { get; }


var type: dynamic { get{} }


dynamic type { __get; }


ReadOnly Property type() As dynamic