The Clipboard interface implements the Clipboard API, providing—if the user grants permission—both read and write access to the contents of the system clipboard.


Required Methods


Requests arbitrary data (such as images) from the clipboard, returning a Promise. When the data has been retrieved, the promise is resolved with a DataTransfer object that provides the data.


method read: DataTransfer


DataTransfer read()


func read() -> DataTransfer


DataTransfer read()


Function read() As DataTransfer


Requests text from the system clipboard; returns a Promise which is resolved with a DOMString containing the clipboard's text once it's available.


method readText: String


String readText()


func readText() -> String


String readText()


Function readText() As String


Writes arbitrary data to the system clipboard. This asynchronous operation signals that it's finished by resolving the returned Promise.


method write(pardata: dynamic): dynamic


dynamic write(dynamic pardata)


func write(_ pardata: dynamic) -> dynamic


dynamic write(dynamic pardata)


Function write(pardata As dynamic) As dynamic


  • pardata:


Writes text to the system clipboard, returning a Promise which is resolved once the text is fully copied into the clipboard.


method writeText(parnewClipText: dynamic): String


String writeText(dynamic parnewClipText)


func writeText(_ parnewClipText: dynamic) -> String


String writeText(dynamic parnewClipText)


Function writeText(parnewClipText As dynamic) As String


  • parnewClipText: