The MutationObserver interface provides the ability to watch for changes being made to the DOM tree. It is designed as a replacement for the older Mutation Events feature, which was part of the DOM3 Events specification.


Required Methods


Stops the MutationObserver instance from receiving further notifications until and unless observe() is called again.


method disconnect


void disconnect()


func disconnect()


void disconnect()


Sub disconnect()


Configures the MutationObserver to begin receiving notifications through its callback function when DOM changes matching the given options occur.


method observe(partarget: dynamic; paroptions: dynamic)


void observe(dynamic partarget, dynamic paroptions)


func observe(_ partarget: dynamic, _ paroptions: dynamic)


void observe(dynamic partarget, dynamic paroptions)


Sub observe(partarget As dynamic, paroptions As dynamic)


  • partarget:
  • paroptions:


Removes all pending notifications from the MutationObserver's notification queue and returns them in a new Array of MutationRecord objects.


method takeRecords: array of MutationRecord


MutationRecord[] takeRecords()


func takeRecords() -> MutationRecord...


MutationRecord[] takeRecords()


Function takeRecords() As MutationRecord()