The AuthenticatorAttestationResponse interface of the Web Authentication API is returned by CredentialsContainer.create() when a PublicKeyCredential is passed, and provides a cryptographic root of trust for the new key pair that has been generated. This response should be sent to the relying party's server to complete the creation of the credential.





property attestationObject: array of Byte read;


Byte[] attestationObject { get; }


var attestationObject: Byte... { get{} }


Byte[] attestationObject { __get; }


ReadOnly Property attestationObject() As Byte()

Required Methods


Returns an Array of strings describing which transport methods (e.g. usb, nfc) are believed to be supported with the authenticator. The array may be empty if the information is not available.


method getTransports: array of String


String[] getTransports()


func getTransports() -> String...


String[] getTransports()


Function getTransports() As String()