The HTMLCollection interface represents a generic collection (array-like object similar to arguments) of elements (in document order) and offers methods and properties for selecting from the list.





property item[aIndex: Int32]: HTMLElement read write;


HTMLElement item[Int32 aIndex] { get; set; }


subscript item(_ aIndex: Int32) -> HTMLElement { get{} set{} }


HTMLElement item[Int32 aIndex] { __get; __set; }


Property item(aIndex As Int32) As HTMLElement



property length: Int32 read;


Int32 length { get; }


var length: Int32 { get{} }


Int32 length { __get; }


ReadOnly Property length() As Int32

Required Methods


Returns the specific node whose ID or, as a fallback, name matches the string specified by name. Matching by name is only done as a last resort, only in HTML, and only if the referenced element supports the name attribute. Returns null if no node exists by the given name.


method namedItem: String


String namedItem()


func namedItem() -> String


String namedItem()


Function namedItem() As String