The SVGAnimationElement interface is the base interface for all of the animation element interfaces: SVGAnimateElement, SVGSetElement, SVGAnimateColorElement, SVGAnimateMotionElement and SVGAnimateTransformElement.





property targetElement: Element read;


Element targetElement { get; }


var targetElement: Element { get{} }


Element targetElement { __get; }


ReadOnly Property targetElement() As Element

Required Methods


Returns a float representing the current time in seconds relative to time zero for the given time container.


method getCurrentTime: Double


Double getCurrentTime()


func getCurrentTime() -> Double


Double getCurrentTime()


Function getCurrentTime() As Double


Returns a float representing the number of seconds for the simple duration for this animation. If the simple duration is undefined (e.g., the end time is indefinite), then a DOMException with code NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR is raised.


method getSimpleDuration: Double


Double getSimpleDuration()


func getSimpleDuration() -> Double


Double getSimpleDuration()


Function getSimpleDuration() As Double


Returns a float representing the begin time, in seconds, for this animation element's current interval, if it exists, regardless of whether the interval has begun yet. If there is no current interval, then a DOMException with code INVALID_STATE_ERR is thrown.


method getStartTime: Double


Double getStartTime()


func getStartTime() -> Double


Double getStartTime()


Function getStartTime() As Double