The OfflineAudioContext interface is an AudioContext interface representing an audio-processing graph built from linked together AudioNodes. In contrast with a standard AudioContext, an OfflineAudioContext doesn't render the audio to the device hardware; instead, it generates it, as fast as it can, and outputs the result to an AudioBuffer.





property length: Int32 read;


Int32 length { get; }


var length: Int32 { get{} }


Int32 length { __get; }


ReadOnly Property length() As Int32



property oncomplete: EventListener read write;


EventListener oncomplete { get; set; }


var oncomplete: EventListener { get{} set{} }


EventListener oncomplete { __get; __set; }


Property oncomplete() As EventListener

Required Methods


Resumes the progression of time in an audio context that has previously been suspended.


method resume: dynamic


dynamic resume()


func resume() -> dynamic


dynamic resume()


Function resume() As dynamic


Starts rendering the audio, taking into account the current connections and the current scheduled changes. This page covers both the event-based version and the promise-based version.


method startRendering: dynamic


dynamic startRendering()


func startRendering() -> dynamic


dynamic startRendering()


Function startRendering() As dynamic


Schedules a suspension of the time progression in the audio context at the specified time and returns a promise.


method suspend(parsuspendTime: dynamic): dynamic


dynamic suspend(dynamic parsuspendTime)


func suspend(_ parsuspendTime: dynamic) -> dynamic


dynamic suspend(dynamic parsuspendTime)


Function suspend(parsuspendTime As dynamic) As dynamic


  • parsuspendTime: