ILogger Extension


  • Reference:
    • Elements.dll  .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0
    • elements.jar  Cooper
    • Elements.fx  Island, ToffeeV2
    • libElements.fx  Toffee
  • Namespace: RemObjects.Elements.RTL
  • Extends: ILogger
  • Platforms: .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Cooper, Island, Toffee, ToffeeV2

Instance Methods

Log (String, array of Object)


method Log(aMessage: String; params aParameters: array of Object)


void Log(String aMessage, params Object[] aParameters)


func Log(_ aMessage: String, _ aParameters: Object...)


void Log(String aMessage, Object[]... aParameters)


Sub Log(aMessage As String, ParamArray aParameters As Object())


  • aMessage:
  • aParameters:

Log (nullable Object)


method Log(aObject: nullable Object)


void Log(Object? aObject)


// Toffee
func Log(_ aObject: Object)
// ToffeeV2
func Log(_ aObject: Object?)


void Log(ILogger aObject)


Sub Log(aObject As Object?)


  • aObject:



method LogMultipleLines(aMessage: String)


void LogMultipleLines(String aMessage)


func LogMultipleLines(_ aMessage: String)


void LogMultipleLines(String aMessage)


Sub LogMultipleLines(aMessage As String)


  • aMessage: