Timezone can be used to store and deal with conversions of time in timezones.


  • Reference:
    • Elements.dll  .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0
    • elements.jar  Cooper
    • Elements.fx  Island, ToffeeV2
    • libElements.fx  Toffee
  • Namespace: RemObjects.Elements.RTL
  • Platforms: .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Cooper, Island, Toffee, ToffeeV2
  • Mapped to:
    • TimeZoneInfo  .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0
    • TimeZone  Cooper
    • TimeZone  Island
    • NSTimeZone  Toffee, ToffeeV2



Name of this timezone.


property Identifier: String read;


String Identifier { get; }


var Identifier: String { get{} }


String Identifier { __get; }


ReadOnly Property Identifier() As String

Name .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Cooper, Toffee, ToffeeV2

Returns the name of this timezone.


property Name: String read;


String Name { get; }


var Name: String { get{} }


String Name { __get; }


ReadOnly Property Name() As String


Contains the current offset to UTC for this timezone.


property OffsetToUTC: TimeSpan read;


TimeSpan OffsetToUTC { get; }


var OffsetToUTC: TimeSpan { get{} }


TimeSpan OffsetToUTC { __get; }


ReadOnly Property OffsetToUTC() As TimeSpan


Returns the local timezone.


class property Local: not nullable TimeZone read;


class TimeZone! Local { get; }


static var Local: TimeZone { get{} }


class TimeZone Local { __get; }


Shared ReadOnly Property Local() As TimeZone


Fnd a timezone by timezone name.


class property TimeZoneByName[aName: String]: nullable TimeZone read;


class TimeZone? TimeZoneByName[String aName] { get; }


// .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Island, ToffeeV2
static subscript TimeZoneByName(_ aName: String) -> TimeZone? { get{} }
// Toffee
static subscript TimeZoneByName(_ aName: String) -> TimeZone { get{} }


class TimeZone TimeZoneByName[String aName] { __get; }


Shared ReadOnly Property TimeZoneByName(aName As String) As TimeZone?


List all timezones.


class property TimeZoneNames: not nullable IEnumerable<String> read;


class IEnumerable<String>! TimeZoneNames { get; }


// .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Island, ToffeeV2
static var TimeZoneNames: IEnumerable<String> { get{} }
// Toffee
static var TimeZoneNames: INSFastEnumeration<String> { get{} }


class Iterable<String> TimeZoneNames { __get; }


Shared ReadOnly Property TimeZoneNames() As IEnumerable<String>


Returns the UTC timezone.


class property Utc: not nullable TimeZone read;


class TimeZone! Utc { get; }


static var Utc: TimeZone { get{} }


class TimeZone Utc { __get; }


Shared ReadOnly Property Utc() As TimeZone