Result from the XmlDocument.GetCurrentCursorPosition api, to return the nodes at a position given a row, col.


  • Reference:
    • Elements.dll  .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0
    • elements.jar  Cooper
    • Elements.fx  Island, ToffeeV2
    • libElements.fx  Toffee
  • Namespace: RemObjects.Elements.RTL
  • Platforms: .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Cooper, Island, Toffee, ToffeeV2



Contains the current attribute under the cursor.


property CurrentAttribute: XmlAttribute read write;


XmlAttribute CurrentAttribute { get; set; }


var CurrentAttribute: XmlAttribute { get{} set{} }


XmlAttribute CurrentAttribute { __get; __set; }


Property CurrentAttribute() As XmlAttribute


Contains the current identifier under the cursor.


property CurrentIdentifier: String read write;


String CurrentIdentifier { get; set; }


var CurrentIdentifier: String { get{} set{} }


String CurrentIdentifier { __get; __set; }


Property CurrentIdentifier() As String


Returns the xml namespace under the cursor.


property CurrentNamespace: XmlNamespace read write;


XmlNamespace CurrentNamespace { get; set; }


var CurrentNamespace: XmlNamespace { get{} set{} }


XmlNamespace CurrentNamespace { __get; __set; }


Property CurrentNamespace() As XmlNamespace


Return the position.


property CurrentPosition: XmlPositionKind read write;


XmlPositionKind CurrentPosition { get; set; }


var CurrentPosition: XmlPositionKind { get{} set{} }


XmlPositionKind CurrentPosition { __get; __set; }


Property CurrentPosition() As XmlPositionKind


Gets the current tag.


property CurrentTag: XmlElement read write;


XmlElement CurrentTag { get; set; }


var CurrentTag: XmlElement { get{} set{} }


XmlElement CurrentTag { __get; __set; }


Property CurrentTag() As XmlElement


Get the index of the tag in the parent node.


property CurrentTagIndex: Int32 read write;


Int32 CurrentTagIndex { get; set; }


var CurrentTagIndex: Int32 { get{} set{} }


Integer CurrentTagIndex { __get; __set; }


Property CurrentTagIndex() As Int32


Gets the parent tag.


property ParentTag: XmlElement read write;


XmlElement ParentTag { get; set; }


var ParentTag: XmlElement { get{} set{} }


XmlElement ParentTag { __get; __set; }


Property ParentTag() As XmlElement