IContext is the interface used by the method aspects to define what the current method is and what the current type this aspect is called from is. It is a parameter of the ProcessMethodCall method on the IMethodCallDecorator.




The current method this aspect was triggered from


property CurrentMethod: IMethodDefinition read;


IMethodDefinition CurrentMethod { get; }


var CurrentMethod: IMethodDefinition { get{} }


IMethodDefinition CurrentMethod { __get; }


ReadOnly Property CurrentMethod() As IMethodDefinition


The type the method was defined in that this aspect was trigged from.


property CurrentType: ITypeDefinition read;


ITypeDefinition CurrentType { get; }


var CurrentType: ITypeDefinition { get{} }


ITypeDefinition CurrentType { __get; }


ReadOnly Property CurrentType() As ITypeDefinition


Current source code position


property Position: IPosition read;


IPosition Position { get; }


var Position: IPosition { get{} }


IPosition Position { __get; }


ReadOnly Property Position() As IPosition


The services instance that can be used to create and access other types


property Services: IServices read;


IServices Services { get; }


var Services: IServices { get{} }


IServices Services { __get; }


ReadOnly Property Services() As IServices


True if the current method that the aspect was triggered from is a static method; false for instance methods


property Static: Boolean read;


Boolean Static { get; }


var Static: Boolean { get{} }


Boolean Static { __get; }


ReadOnly Property Static() As Boolean