This attribute is placed on types that serve as a placeholder for real generic type and method parameters. Since aspect attributes don't have generic parameters of their own, this attribute can be applied to any class, and when the compiler encounters that type used in a attribute that uses System.Type, it will change it into the specified generic parameter. MethodGenericParameter0, GenericParameter0 and their related types use this attribute.




True if it's a method generic parameter, false for classes


property Method: Boolean read;


Boolean Method { get; }


var Method: Boolean { get{} }


Boolean Method { __get; }


ReadOnly Property Method() As Boolean


Parameter number


property No: Int32 read;


Int32 No { get; }


var No: Int32 { get{} }


Int32 No { __get; }


ReadOnly Property No() As Int32

Instance Methods


Constructor for this class


constructor(method: Boolean; no: Int32)


GenericParameterTypeSpecifierAttribute(Boolean method, Int32 no)


init(_ method: Boolean, _ no: Int32)


GenericParameterTypeSpecifierAttribute(Boolean method, Int32 no)


Sub New(method As Boolean, no As Int32)


  • method: if true, is a method
  • no: generic parameter no