Class Notes
AssignmentStatement Standalone statement or assignment statement
BeginStatement Begin... end statement
BreakStatement Break-from-loop statement
CaseItem Element in a case statement, contains a statement and the possible values or ranges
CaseStatement Case statement
ContinueStatement Continues to the next iteration of a loop
ExceptStatement Except part of a try statement, can contain multiple items, differing by type
ExceptStatementItem Element in an except; in the Oxygene syntax this is: on e: Exception where y do
ExitStatement Exit statement
ForInStatement For each in loop
ForStatement For loop statement
IfStatement If statement
LocalVariable Class used to hold local variable definitions
LockingStatement Locking statement
PlaceHolderStatement Placeholder statement, used at the place where the original body of the method will go
RaiseStatement Raises an exception-statement
RepeatStatement Repeat/until statement
StandaloneStatement Standalone statement
Statement Base class for all statements
TryStatement Try/finally statement
UsingStatement Using statement
WhileStatement While loop statement
WithItem Element in a with statement, since with can have multiple
WithStatement With statement
YieldStatement Iterator Yield statement.


Enum Notes
StatementKind Contains all possible statements supported in Oxygene.