Android Device Log

The Device Log, visible for Android projects only, is the third tab of the Debug Pane, and can be activated with the ⌘⇧3 (Fire) or Ctrl+Shift+3 (Water) keyboard shortcuts or via the "View|Show Device Log" menu.

When an Android Debug Session is active, it will show a live view to the system log from the Android devide or Emulator that the application is running one. While verbose (it contains log messages from all parts of the systen, not just the current application), the device log, often referred to as "logcat", can contain crucial messages that can help diagnose problems and crashes, beyond the information provided by the debugger.

You can also run logcat in a Terminal or Console window by running the "adb logcat command.

  • In Fire, you can open a Terminal window to the appropriate folder from the "Tools|Java" menu.
  • On Windows adb should be on the system path and available in any Command window, if the Android SDK is installed.

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