Fire and Water provide a number of sheets that be be brought up to manage certain aspects of yor project, from References over BreakPoints and Exceptions to Default Namespaces.

These sheets are available from the "Project" and "Debug" menus,, with command starting with the word "Manage ...". Consistent shortcuts for to bring up these sheets are ^⇧ (Fire) or Alt+Shift (Water), plus the corresponding letter of the sheet:

Sheet Fire Water
Start-Up Arguments ^⇧A Alt+Shift+A
Breakpoints ^⇧B Alt+Shift+B
Conditional Defines ^⇧D Alt+Shift+D
Ignored Exceptions ^⇧E Alt+Shift+E
Default Namespaces ^⇧N Alt+Shift+N
References ^⇧R Alt+Shift+R
Environment Variables ^⇧V Alt+Shift+V