Editor Preferences

The Editor Preferences tab lets you control variosu aspects of how the Code Editor looks and behaves.

You can adjust the look of the editor by setting:

  • Font size and line spacing.

  • A color theme for the editor (depending on the theme, the rest of the UI for Fire will also adapt to force Dark Mode or Light Mode, on Macs where that is available).

  • Whether to draw a gutter with line numbers on the left hand of the editor pane, or not.

You can adjust the behavior of the editor in the following ways:

  • For files shared between projects, select whether errors are shown for all projects, or only the one active for the file.

  • To optionally show information about the identifier currently under the cursor, on the right edge of the editor.

  • To optionally highlight the range of the closest inner code block (e.g. { ... } or a begin/end pair or similar constructs surrounding the cursor.

  • To optionally show the Code Completion popup automatically as you type, rather then requiring Esc or (in Water) Ctrl+Space to be pressed to invoke it.

  • To optionally reformat and indent code to fit its surroundings, as you paste it.

  • To optionally reformat code in the enclosed block as you type a closing }, in the languages that use { and } as block delimiters.

For Oxygene, you can also choose whether to sue uppercase for

  • Directives such as "{$IF ..." (the default).
  • Keywords such as "begin" and "end" (a terrible idea, but to each their own ;)