Project Settings Reference

This page provides a reference of all project settings understood by the Elements compiler and EBuildx build tool chain. Most of these options can be set from inside the IDE (see here for how to do this in Fire and Water and in Visual Studio, respectively), but can also be configured manually in the project file, .user file, or passed as parameters toa command line build with MSBuild/XBuild.

Application Settings

The Application Settings control basic attributes of the build project/application, sich as target platform versions, executable type, etc.

Name Description Platforms IDE
AndroidPlatformname Android
ApplicationIcon .NET, Cocoa/macOS
Architecture Cocoa, Island
AssemblyName The file name of the generated executable, without file-extension.
CrossBox The CrossBox server to use for building Cocoa apps from Visual Studio on Windows. See CrossBox for details. Cocoa
CrossBoxDeviceID The mobile device to build for. See CrossBox for details. Cocoa, Android
DefaultLangauge Specifies the default language for new files added via templates, in Fire. This can be set in multi-language projects to control the default shown in the New File dialog. Fire
DeploymentTargetVersion Optionally specifies the minimm OS version needed to rrun this app. See Deployment Targets for details. Cocoa
FrameworkFolder .NET
SimulatorArchictures Cocoa
TargetFrameworkVersion .NET
TargetFrameworkProfile .NET
TargetSDK Cocoa

Code Signing Settings (Cocoa)

The Code Signing Settings for Cocoa control whether and how executables or .app bundles will be signed for deployment. Code signing is needed for deployment to iOS devices and Mac App Store apps, and is recommended for all Mac apps. See Code Signing for more details.

Name Description Platforms IDE
CodesignCertificateName Cocoa
CodesignOptions Cocoa
EntitlementsFile Cocoa
ProvisioningProfile Cocoa
ProvisioningProfilename Cocoa

Code Signing Settings (Java)

The Code Signing Settings for Java and Android control whether and how .jar and .apk files will be signed for deployment.

Name Description Platforms IDE
AndroidSign Android
JavaDigestAlgorithm Java
JavaKeyPassword Java
JavaKeyStore Java
JavaKeyStorePassword Java
JavaKeyStoreType Java
JavaSign Java
JavaSignatureAlgorithm Java
JavaSignignAlias Java

Packaging Settings (Cocoa)

The Packaging Settings for Cocoa control whether and how an .app bundle will be created from the compiled executable.

Name Description Platforms IDE
CreateAppBundle Cocoa
CreateIPA iOS
InfoPListFile Cocoa
BundleIdentifier Cocoa
BundleExtension Cocoa
MacIconFile OS X

Packaging Settings (Android)

The Packaging Settings for Android control whether and how the .apk package will be created from the compiled Java executable.

Name Description Platforms IDE
AndroidPackageName Android
AndroidArchiveName Android
AndroidAssetsFolder Android
AndroidResourcesFolder Android
AndroidJavaResourcesFolder Android
AndroidnativeLibrariesFolder Android

Build Settings

The Build Settings control basic compiler behavior and options.

Name Description Platforms IDE
AllowUnsafeCode .NET
CompilerFlags Cocoa
CreateHFile Cocoa
EmitTailCalls .NET
IRFilename Cocoa
LinkerOptions Cocoa
Prefer32Bits .NET
RegisterForComInterop Echoes
RequireExplicitLocalInitialization Oxygene only,
WarnOnCaseMismatch Oxygene only,

Documentation Settings

The Documentation Settings control whether and how XMLDoc documentation files will be generated from comments found in source code. XMLDOc comments start with tthree forward slashes, ///.

Name Description Platforms IDE

Compatibility Settings (Oxygene language only)

The Compatibility Settings for Oxygene are provided to make the language more compatible with legacy Pascal code imported from or shared with Delphi or other legacy Pascal language implementations. We recommend keeping these settings off (the default) for new projects.

Name Description Platforms IDE

Debug Settings

The Debug Settings control whether the application will be built with the ability to be debugged.

Name Description Platforms IDE
GenerateDebugInfo Cocoa & Java
GenerateDSym Cocoa
GenerateMDB .NET
GeneratePDB .NET
UseManagedDebugger Cocoa Fire

Run Settings

The Run Settings control how your application is executed when running from the IDE. Currently, these settings are used by the Fire IDE only, as Visual Studio has different mechanisms for configuring these on a Solution level.

Name Description Platforms IDE
AndroidDebugActivity Android Fire
DebugArgumemts Fire
DebugHostApp Fire
DebugIgnorePersistentState Cocoa Fire
DebugWorkingDiretcory Fire
DebugZombieEnabled Cocoa Fire

Gendarme Code Analysis Settings

The Gendarme Code Analysis Settings control if and how code analysis for .NET projects will be run as part of the build.

Name Description Platforms IDE
CodeAnalysis .NET
CodeAnalysisConfidence .NET
CodeAnalysisConfig .NET
CodeAnalysisIgnoreFile .NET
CodeAnalysisSet .NET
CodeAnalysisSeverity .NET

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