The BinaryOperator enum is used to find binary overloads and in expressions (values) to define the operator used between the operand.


Value Description
Add Add operation +
And And operation AND
As AS operation
Div Divide operation div or /
Equal Equals operation =
Greater Greater than operation >
GreaterEqual Greater than or equal operation >=
Implies Implies operation: a implies b
In In operation: IN
IntDiv Integer division
Is IS operation
IsNot IS NOT operation
Less Less than operation <
LessEqual Less than or equal to operation <=
Mod Modulus operation MOD
Mul Multiply operation *
NotEqual Not equal operation <>
NotIn Not IN operation
Or bitwise or binary OR operation
Shl Shift left bitwise
Shr Shift right bitwise
Sub Subtract operation -
UShr Unsigned shr (for java)
Xor Xor bitwise operation