• Reference:
    • Go.dll  .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
    • Go.fx  Island
  • Namespace: go.golang.org.x.net.webdav
  • Platforms: .NET, .NET Standard 2.0, Island

Required Methods



method Confirm(now: Time; name0: string; name1: string; params conditions: array of Condition): tuple of (release: Action, err: error)


(Action release, error err) Confirm(Time now, string name0, string name1, params Condition[] conditions)


func Confirm(_ now: Time, _ name0: string, _ name1: string, _ conditions: Condition...) -> (release:Action, error)


func Confirm(now Time, name0 string, name1 string, conditions []Condition) tuple of (|name=release| Action, |name=err| error)


Function Confirm(now As Time, name0 As string, name1 As string, ParamArray conditions As Condition()) As Tuple (Of release:=Action, error)


  • now:
  • name0:
  • name1:
  • conditions:



method Create(now: Time; details: LockDetails): tuple of (token: string, err: error)


(string token, error err) Create(Time now, LockDetails details)


func Create(_ now: Time, _ details: LockDetails) -> (string, error)


func Create(now Time, details LockDetails) tuple of (|name=token| string, |name=err| error)


Function Create(now As Time, details As LockDetails) As Tuple (Of string, error)


  • now:
  • details:



method Refresh(now: Time; token: string; duration: Duration): tuple of (LockDetails, error)


(LockDetails, error) Refresh(Time now, string token, Duration duration)


func Refresh(_ now: Time, _ token: string, _ duration: Duration) -> (LockDetails, error)


func Refresh(now Time, token string, duration Duration) tuple of (LockDetails, error)


Function Refresh(now As Time, token As string, duration As Duration) As Tuple (Of LockDetails, error)


  • now:
  • token:
  • duration:



method Unlock(now: Time; token: string): error


error Unlock(Time now, string token)


func Unlock(_ now: Time, _ token: string) -> error


func Unlock(now Time, token string) error


Function Unlock(now As Time, token As string) As error


  • now:
  • token: