Debugging (.NET)

Elements comes with integrated support for debugging for .NET, .NET Core and Mono projects. Debugging for most project types is supported locally on Mac and Windows, from Fire, Water and Visual Studio.

Note: The (classic) .NET Framework is only available on Windows. When using Fire on a Mac, .NET projects will always be run under the Mono runtime. When using Water on Windows, you can choose whether to use Microsoft's Common Language Runtime or (if installed) the Mono runtime to debug your .NET projects. (Debugging from Visual Studio will always use Microsoft's Common Language Runtime implementation.)

.NET Core projects will use the .NET Core runtime (which might require a separate install), on all platforms.

Also note that not all .NET project types can be run on non-Windows platforms. For example, Support for WPF and WinForms is not available or severely limited on macOS and Linux.

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