• Reference:
    • Go.dll  .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
    • Go.fx  Island
  • Namespace: go.fmt
  • Platforms: .NET, .NET Standard 2.0, Island

Required Methods



method Read(buf: Slice<Byte>): tuple of (n: Int64, err: error)


(Int64 n, error err) Read(Slice<Byte> buf)


func Read(_ buf: Slice<Byte>) -> (Int64, error)


func Read(buf Slice<Byte>) tuple of (|name=n| Int64, |name=err| error)


Function Read(buf As Slice<Byte>) As Tuple (Of Int64, error)


  • buf:



method ReadRune: tuple of (r: rune, size: Int64, err: error)


(rune r, Int64 size, error err) ReadRune()


func ReadRune() -> (rune, Int64, error)


func ReadRune() tuple of (|name=r| rune, |name=size| Int64, |name=err| error)


Function ReadRune() As Tuple (Of rune, Int64, error)



method SkipSpace


void SkipSpace()


func SkipSpace()


// .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
func SkipSpace() 
// Island
func SkipSpace() void


Sub SkipSpace()



// .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
method Token(skipSpace: bool; f: Func<rune, Boolean>): tuple of (token: Slice<Byte>, err: error)
// Island
method Token(skipSpace: bool; f: Func<go.builtin.rune,RemObjects.Elements.System.Boolean>): tuple of (token: Slice<Byte>, err: error)


// .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
(Slice<Byte>token, error err) Token(bool skipSpace, Func<rune, Boolean> f)
// Island
(Slice<Byte>token, error err) Token(bool skipSpace, Func<go.builtin.rune,RemObjects.Elements.System.Boolean> f)


// .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
func Token(_ skipSpace: bool, _ f: Func<rune, Boolean>) -> (Slice<Byte>, error)
// Island
func Token(_ skipSpace: bool, _ f: Func<go.builtin.rune,RemObjects.Elements.System.Boolean>) -> (Slice<Byte>, error)


// .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
func Token(skipSpace bool, f Func<rune, Boolean>) tuple of (|name=token| Slice<Byte>, |name=err| error)
// Island
func Token(skipSpace bool, f Func<go.builtin.rune,RemObjects.Elements.System.Boolean>) tuple of (|name=token| Slice<Byte>, |name=err| error)


// .NET, .NET Standard 2.0
Function Token(skipSpace As bool, f As Func (Of rune, Boolean)) As Tuple (Of Slice<Byte>, error)
// Island
Function Token(skipSpace As bool, f As Func<go.builtin.rune,RemObjects.Elements.System.Boolean>) As Tuple (Of Slice<Byte>, error)


  • skipSpace:
  • f:



method UnreadRune: error


error UnreadRune()


func UnreadRune() -> error


func UnreadRune() error


Function UnreadRune() As error



method Width: tuple of (wid: Int64, ok: Boolean)


(Int64 wid, Boolean ok) Width()


func Width() -> (Int64, Boolean)


func Width() tuple of (|name=wid| Int64, |name=ok| Boolean)


Function Width() As Tuple (Of Int64, Boolean)