RTTI information for parameters.


  • Reference:
    • Elements.dll  .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0
    • elements.jar  Cooper
    • Elements.fx  Island
    • libElements.fx  Toffee
  • Namespace: RemObjects.Elements.RTL.Reflection
  • Platforms: .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Cooper, Island, Toffee
  • Mapped to:
    • ParameterInfo  .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0
    • ArgumentInfo  Island


CustomAttributes  virtual Toffee

Returns a list of custom attributes applied to this parameter.


var CustomAttributes: Object... { get{} }

CustomAttributes Cooper


property CustomAttributes: array of Object read write;


Object[] CustomAttributes { get; set; }


var CustomAttributes: Object... { get{} set{} }


Object[] CustomAttributes { __get; __set; }


Property CustomAttributes() As Object()

Name  virtual .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Toffee

Returns the name of this parameter. This could be null or empty if it's unavailable.


property Name: String read;


String Name { get; }


var Name: String { get{} }


ReadOnly Property Name() As String

Name Cooper


property Name: String read write;


String Name { get; set; }


var Name: String { get{} set{} }


String Name { __get; __set; }


Property Name() As String

ParameterType  virtual .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Toffee

Returns the type of this parameter.


property ParameterType: Type read;


Type ParameterType { get; }


var ParameterType: Type { get{} }


ReadOnly Property ParameterType() As Type

ParameterType Cooper


property ParameterType: Type read write;


Type ParameterType { get; set; }


var ParameterType: Type { get{} set{} }


Type ParameterType { __get; __set; }


Property ParameterType() As Type

Position  virtual .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0, Toffee

Returns the index of this parameter.


property Position: Int32 read;


Int32 Position { get; }


var Position: Int32 { get{} }


ReadOnly Property Position() As Int32

Position Cooper


property Position: Integer read write;


Integer Position { get; set; }


var Position: Integer { get{} set{} }


Integer Position { __get; __set; }


Property Position() As Integer

CustomAttributes .NET, .NET Core 6.0, .NET Standard 2.0


property CustomAttributes: array of Object read;


Object[] CustomAttributes { get; }


var CustomAttributes: Object... { get{} }


ReadOnly Property CustomAttributes() As Object()