Getting Set up on Linux

The Elements compiler can be used form the command line via the ebuild command, on Linux (just as on Mac and Windows). Please refer to the Installing the Command Line Compiler topic for details.


Depending on what platforms you wish to develop for, the Elements compiler have a few prerequisites you may need to install in order to have all the tools you need to get started with the platform.

Setup for .NET, .NET Core and Mono Development

No special setup is required for .NET/Mono development, beyond the requirement for Mono, which is necessary to run the compiler, to begin with.

With the .NET Core SDK, version 2.0 or later, you can also build applications for .NET Core, the cross-platform open source next-generation version of .NET. We recommend using .NET Core 3.0 or later.

Setup for Cocoa Development

A Mac with Xcode is required to build Cocoa apps for Mac or iOS from Linux. We recommend using Xcode 10 or later. You will connect to the Mac via CrossBox 2 over SSH.

Setup for Java and Android Development

You need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) version 6 or later to develop Java apps.

To develop Android apps you will need to install both the JDK, and the Android SDK. (If you install Android Studio, no separate JDK od ADK install is required for Android development, as the Androids Studio installation provides both)

The JAVA_HOME environment variable needs to be set, for the compiler and tool chain to find your local copy of the JDK.

Setup for Island Development

No special setup is required for Island development, per se.

To debug Mac or Windows projects, you will need connect to a Windows PC, VM or server via CrossBox 2 over SSH.

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