Other Functions

In addition to Building projects, the Ebuild command line tool has the option to perform a few other command line functions relevant to Elements projects. All of these tasks are initiated with a specific command kline switch, and might come with their own set of additional switches and parameters:

Converting Projects: --convert

Converts a foreign project format to Elements. Currently supports .vbproj and .csproj projects.

Dumping binary files: --dump

Lists the contest of certain binary file types relevant to Elements. Currently supports .apk, .dex, .jar, .far and .fx files.

Importing Go Projects: --import-go-project

Imports a Go library (including its dependency tree) from Git into a set of Go library projects that can be built and used from Elements.

Importing Delphi Packages: --import-delphi

Imports a Delphi SDK or Set of Packages to enable the use of Delphi APIs such as the VCL, FireMonkey, dbGo or your own Delphi code in your Island projects.

Registering CrossBox Servers: --register-crossbox-server

Registers a new CrossBox server for use with builds and the IDEs.

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