Other Tasks

In addition to Building projects, the Ebuild command line tol has the option to perform a few other command line tasks relevant to Elements projects. All of these tasks are initiated with a specific command kline switch, and might come with their own set of additional switches and parameters:

Converting Projects: --convert

Converts a foreign project format to Elements. Currently supports .vbproj and .csproj projects.

Dumping binary files: --dump

Lists the contest of certain binary file types relevant to Elements. Currently supports .apk, .dex and .jar files.

Importing Go Projects: --import-go-project

Imports a Go library (including its dependency tree) from Git into a set of Go library projects that can be built and used from Elements.

Registering CrossBox Servers: --register-crossbox-server

Registers a new CrossBox 2 server for use with builds and the IDEs.

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