EBuild Folders

EBuild stores cashes and other relevant data in a central location in the application data folder:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\..\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Data/RemObjects Software/EBuild
  • Linux: ~/.ebuild

(next to the EBuild folder, there is also one for Elemenst specific files, as well as potentially folders for other RemObjects Software products)

Underneath this, EBuild maintains a set of different folders:

  • CrossBox – data from remote clients iof the current system hjas ac ted as a remote CrossBox Server, as well as cached information for lcoal CrossBox functionality.
  • Delphi SDKs – imported base Delphi SDKs, categorized by version, platform and architecture.
  • Delphi Support – builds of the Island.DelphiSupport libraty compiled as part of a Delphi SDK import, also categorized by version, platform and architecture.
  • Downloads – temporary downloaded files
  • Obj – intermediate files and caches from building your own projects.
  • Packages – caches of NuGet, Gradle and EBuild remote packages used bhy your projects.
  • Predex – cache of pre-dex'ed files from your Android projects.
  • RemoteReferences – source for any Remote Project References you may use or have used
  • SDKs – auto-downloaded versions of SDKs used for your Toffee or Island projects, if you targeted SDK versions not covered by your local Elements install

Note: Content in these folders can get large (especially for Obj, if you create and build many projects,over time). Data in all of these folders is used for caching purposes only, and can safely be deleted manually at any time, to free space (though it would be inadvisable to delete folders while building a project with EBuild 😉). It is also safe to be excluded from your backups.