Elements 8.2

Elements 8.2.89 ("Defiant Class") is a major new release of the Elements compiler, released in November 2015 with small subsequent interim updates in December.

Features in Elements 8.2 include:

  • Significant advances for Fire "Preview 2"
  • Includes the new Visual Studio 2015 Shell in the box
  • watchOS Support (in Fire)
  • tvOS Support (in Fire and Visual Studio)
  • "Windows 10 UAP" Support (in Visual Studio)
  • Windows Forms Support for C# and Swift (in Visual Studio)

Language Changes

  • Full Swift 2.0/2.1 support in Silver
  • Enhanced nullability support and improvements to non-nullable types in Oxygene and C#
  • Nullability information in the latest Cocoa SDKs
  • New syntax in Oxygene and C# to enforcne non-null value (as not nullable and !, respectively)
  • Support for restricted dynamic types, similar to Objective-C's __kindof
  • Support for labeled statements and labeled break and continue in Oxygene, and in C#
    (and in Swift as part of Swift 2.0).
  • New available() System Function for help with Deployment Targets on Cocoa
  • New contains() compiler-magic method on Set types, for C# and Silver to have an equivalent to Oxygene's in keyword.
  • New default defines for Cocoa sub-platforms, OSX, IOS, WATCHOS, TVOS, and SIMULATOR
  • Full Support for enum types with numeric values on the Java platform
  • Support for __external imports Swift
  • Support for adding a default iterator to a class in a platform-agnostic way by implementing GetSequence()
  • Support for implementing multi-part constructors in C#
  • Improved error recovery in many places

  • ...and much more

Other Releases

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