Silver Beta FAQ

Version 8.3 of Silver, our implementation of the Swift language, is now shipping and available as free download for everybody. It builds on 8.1 by adding Swift 2.x and some Swift 3.0 language feature support.

Current betas focus on our "Galaxy Class" (9.0) update, the next major release of Elements, planned for late 2016. As before, beta access for Silver is available to:

  • People who contributed to Silver financially (it's never too late to do so, right now ;)
  • Licensed users of a full Elements license or a Suite
  • On invitation/request

If you have beta access, you can download the latest Elements 9.0 beta, including Silver, from our Beta Portal at (login needed).

If you work on Windows, you will want to grab the download called "RemObjects Elements" from that page (with or without Visual Studio, depending on your needs).

If you work on Mac, you will want to grab the download called “Fire”. Fire is our new Mac development environment (also currently in late beta), and it contains Silver, as well as our C# and Oxygene compilers.

Discussing Silver and Reporting Feedback

We have private beta forums on our Talk site for discussing Silver, reporting bugs, and giving feedback. You can find this forum here. We also have a separate forum dedicated to Fire, here.

If you get an error accessing these forums, try logging out and back into Talk, and also make sure that you are using the account that has access to the Silver beta.

Have Fun!

Ok, that's it. We hope you enjoy working with Silver and we're looking forward to your feedback and comments.