The iOS Simulator

The iOS Simulator is an application shipping with the Xcode toolchain that lets you test and debug your iOS applications on a Mac, without deploying to a real physical device. This can have several advantages, from shortening the build/run/debug cycle to being able to test code while not having access to or being able to connect a device at the time. The iOS Simulator is also available for testing even to developers who do not have a paid-for iOS developer account with Apple yet.

Elements integrates with the iOS Simulator, allowing you to run your apps in the simulator directly from Fire and Visual Studio.

Please note that testing in the simulator cannot replace testing on a real device, both in terms of getting a feel for how your application behaves with a real touch interface and and the real size, and for performance reasons (apps run in the simulator at your Mac's native speed, which will commonly be much faster than actual iOS devices).

You can use the scrub simctl command line tool that ships with Xcode to interact with the simulator from the command line, or to manually launch applications in the simulator from the command line.

You can manually start the iOS Simulator host application via the "Tools|Cocoa" menu in Fire, or via the "Xcode|Open Developer Tools..." menu in Xcode.

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