Null vs. Nothing

The Nothing keyword in Visual Basic behaves differently than null or nil in most other languages (and all other Elements languages) in that it does niot represent a true ack of a value, but rather the default value of a given type.

For reference types, Nothing behaves the same as null/nil – it gives an unassigned pointer that does not reference a class instance. But for value types, Nothing will be the equivalent of zero (0):

Dim x As Int32 = Nothing    ' 0
Dim y As Button = Nothing   ' Null

' same as

Dim x As Int32 = default(Int32) 
Dim y As Button = default(Button) 

By contrast, the Null keyword introduced by Mercury represents a true null value – a null class reference or a null value in a Nullable value type.

Dim x As Int32 = Null    ' invalid, since Int32 can't be Null
Dim x As Int32? = Null   ' Null
Dim y As Button = Null   ' Null

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