C# 6.0

As of Version 8.1, RemObjects C# is fully up to speed with the new C# 6.0 specification, which Microsoft shipped with their compiler as part of Visual Studio 2015.

This includes the following features:

  • The "Elvis Operator" for null-safe member access, which RemObjects C# has had since its first release in March 2014: myObject?.SomeMethod();

  • Property Initializers, public string name { get; } = "Jane";

  • Index initializers, new Dictionary { ["Name"] = "John" };

  • String Interpolation, $"Hello {Name}";

  • nameof() Expressions

  • Exception Filters

  • Lambda methods, public int add(int a, int b) => a+b;

  • Parameterless constructors in structs

  • Import static classes as globals, with using static

See Also

See New Features in C# 6 on MSDN for details.

Version Notes