Working with Elements in Water

Water will be a new development environment for programmers using the Elements compiler on the Windows. It supports all four Elements languages: Oxygene, RemObjects C#, Swift and Java.

Water brings our design goals from Fire over to Windows. We are not simply porting Fire to Windows, we're (once again) re-designing from scratch what a first-class IDE experience on the Windows platform should look like – we're writing a new app that feels at home on Windows, while at the same time of course leveraging everything we learned and what is great in Fire – and reusing a lot of Fire's code, as well.

Like with Fire, one of the fundamental principles of Water is that it will never get in your way. It will be lean and mean, always responsive and mode-less. That means that you will never be pulled out of your flow.


Early Water preview builds are currently available as Alpha with our weekly pre-releases of Elements, for all users with an active subscription, see Beta Access for more details.

PLEASE NOTE that even though these Water preview builds whip with beta or even gamma level compilers (such as 9.2), water itself is considered alpha and a very early and rough preview.

Prerequisites / Getting Set Up

Depending on what platforms you wish to develop for, Water and the Elements compiler have a few prerequisites you may need to install in order to have all the tools you need to get started with the platform.

Discussing Water and Reporting Feedback

We have separate forums on our Talk site for discussing Water, reporting bugs, and giving feedback. You can find this forum here. Please note that this forum is private and requiers login, while Water is still in beta.